A loss of hearing lawyer Oakland might change people’s lives and help them overcome severe injuries if someone else’s carelessness or malice brought on their hearing loss.

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Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is grouped into two types: 

  • Conductive
    Conductive hearing loss happens when any ear region cannot adequately transport sound waves to the eardrum.
  • Sensorineural
    Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by injury to the central nervous system, the inner ear, or the brain’s sound-processing areas. Simply put, the brain and nerves are unable to interpret auditory information. Hearing loss is often inherited and may affect one’s hearing in various ways, from mildly impaired to deaf.Combinations of the two primary types of hearing loss are also possible.

Impact Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss causes considerable emotional agony and may incur significant medical bills.

Total or partial hearing loss may be permanent or temporary, short or long term. Regardless, it has a detrimental influence on a victim’s life and maybe their future.

Tinnitus (or ringing in the ear) and eardrum rupture are two types of hearing loss. Tinnitus may not seem like a severe problem at first, but it may be debilitating.

Think about having a continual ringing in your ears throughout every awake hour. Furthermore, although ear drum ruptures may mend in a few weeks, scar tissue may develop, impairing a person’s ability to hear sounds at specific levels.

Hearing Loss Caused By Loud Noises

Hearing loss may be caused by severe injuries and exposure to deafening sounds, such as explosions or other rapid, high-decibel noises.

Noise-induced hearing loss may develop at low decibel levels if exposed for a long enough period. Normal traffic levels, for example, are 85 dB, but frequent exposure to this level or greater may damage hearing.

This is why we see construction and industrial workers wearing hearing protection in and around Oakland. While hearing impairment at lower decibel levels may need continuous exposure, brief exposure to greater decibels, such as an explosion or gunshot, may permanently damage hearing.

How Our Vision Loss Injury Lawyers Can Help In Oakland

Shea & Shea’s hearing loss lawyers are personal injury lawyers specializing in hearing damage matters. Our loss-of-hearing lawyer in Oakland works with clients who have experienced hearing loss injuries. 

Our attorneys can establish that their noise-induced hearing loss was not self-inflicted or a pre-existing condition but rather the consequence of negligent or purposeful action on the part of the at-fault person or corporation.

Loss of hearing lawyer Oakland will show that an ear injury was unjustly caused and provide legal assistance; sufferers may be eligible for compensation from an insurance company or file a workers’ compensation claim.

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