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Gas and electrical explosions in San Diego can cause catastrophic and disabling injuries, especially if the explosion’s impact forcefully knocks you to the ground. If you or a loved one has experienced such an accident, it is vital to seek help from a gas & electric explosion accident lawyer in San Diego.

Shea & Shea is committed to providing you with a gas and electrical explosion lawyer in San Diego who will utilize various resources to handle your claim, guiding you through the often complicated legal process.

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Electrical Explosion in San Diego

Though electrical explosions can happen in any workplace, those working in at-risk professions face increased risks. Some of these professions include roofing, construction, or jobs that involve working directly with electricity.

Such explosions can result from poorly placed electrical sources, human error, or inadequate training. Other potential causes include circuit breaker issues, transformer explosions, or water leaking on electrical components.

Potential Injuries Electric Explosions Can Cause

Electrical explosions happen quickly, producing extremely high heat that could be dangerous to anyone nearby.

Various injuries and burns can occur, requiring a gas & electric explosion accident lawyer in San Diego. Besides the electrical burns themselves, injuries can also result from shrapnel and fires.

Some of the potential injuries electric explosions can cause include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Loss of sight
  • Hearing loss
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Burns from molten metal
  • Respiratory issues from inhaling toxic smoke

Gas Explosion in San Diego

Gas explosions can involve gasoline, butane, kerosene, or LP gas and can be disastrous, even when only a minimal volume of the gas is exposed to an ignition source. Explosions are more likely to occur in gas storage locations, especially when an organization fails to follow industry safety rules.

For instance, gas explosion accidents can occur when gas isn’t correctly odorized, leading to undetected leakages. Not properly building and testing products or negligence during installation can also result in explosions.

In some cases, a common cause of these catastrophic explosions in San Diego is malfunctioning home products like stoves, water heaters, dryers, or heating and cooling systems.

Potential Gas Explosion Impacts

A gas explosion accident in San Diego can result in fractures, bone injuries, severe burns, scratches, cuts, and abrasions. Some victims also suffer injuries to the neck, limbs, and spinal cord. In extreme cases, potential injuries to the head could result in brain damage or even fatalities.

Seeking the Help of a Gas & Electric Explosion Accident Lawyer in San Diego

Victims of the potential burns and injuries gas and electric explosion accidents cause will need extensive medical attention to recover. There is also the added risk of contracting infections or suffering from organ failure and sepsis.

When dealing with extensive injuries, the medical bills are significantly high. Additionally, some victims might lose their ability to work, making it challenging to clear hospital bills and cater to future needs.

Besides the recovery periods, long-term treatment, and lost wages, victims also have to deal with the mental strain resulting from their pain and suffering and that of their loved ones.

Fortunately, San Diego permits gas and electric explosion accident victims to file personal injury claims to seek compensation from suspected negligent companies. Victims can also seek compensation if the accident results from a defective product.

A Complicated Legal Process

While you can file a burn injury lawsuit, these cases usually are complex, with your claim having to satisfy three elements.

For starters, you have to show that an entity, like your employer, owed you a duty of care and was responsible for your safety and well-being somehow. Next, you must prove that the entity neglected this duty and that this negligence resulted in the accident and your injuries.

Reaching out to a gas & electric explosion accident lawyer in San Diego is often the best option when looking to navigate this complicated process in pursuit of compensation.

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Even when there is little doubt as to the liability of the defendants, these cases can still be less than straightforward. Sometimes, your insurance coverage might not be enough to cover your medical expenses, which can last for years.

In other cases, you might say yes to what seems, at first, to be an acceptable, generous settlement offer only to discover later that the amount will not be able to cover your treatment and rehabilitation needs.

Take Legal Action Today

If you suspect your gas and electric explosion accident resulted from a defective product or negligence from your employer, you are entitled to seek compensation. Even when you are unsure whether you have a viable case, reaching out to an attorney is still a good idea.

Doing so will provide you with an opportunity to understand your rights as a gas and electric explosion victim and determine if you have a potential case.

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