Trucking is one of the largest and most important industries in America, and at any time, there are tens of thousands of trucks on the road. However, the high number of trucks also means a high number of trucking accidents. If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, you need to speak to a San Diego truck accident lawyer. 

The attorneys at Shea & Shea dedicate themselves to pursuing justice for those who have suffered a personal injury. The recovery and lost wages from a truck accident can throw your life into chaos. You are not alone, though — our attorney can fight to make you whole again. 

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Proving Truck Driver Negligence

Like other personal injury cases, courts judge truck driving accidents by assigning negligence. A person is guilty of negligence under the following three criteria:

  • The person has a reasonable duty of care.
  • The person breached their duty of care by acting or failing to act.
  • The action or inaction caused the injury.

what to do after a truck accident

Like other drivers, commercial truck drivers have a reasonable duty of care to drive safely and follow road laws. Commercial trucking operations also have several other standards, such as truck maintenance and performance, that they must meet. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Drug/alcohol intoxication
  • Driver fatigue
  • Mechanical failure
  • Distracted driving (e.g., texting, making phone calls, etc.)
  • Poor road conditions

Liability is a bit more difficult to determine in a truck-driving case than it is in a standard auto accident. Many parties may be responsible, depending on the cause of the accident, such as:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The shipping company
  • Government entities

Truck drivers have strict regulations in the US, so if the accident and injury result from violating these regulations, the company might be responsible for paying damages. 

What To Do After a Truck Accident

The first thing you should do after a truck accident is to check yourself for injuries. Even if you think you are ok, you need to see a doctor and receive medical documentation to file a personal injury suit. You should also take pictures of the accident site and get testimony from witnesses, if present. Your insurance company will likely ask for pictures of the accident. 

After that, you should contact a San Diego truck accident lawyer. You only have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim, so it is imperative that you act quickly.

Truck Accident Lawyer in San Diego

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