Few injuries are more severe than brain injuries. They can significantly hinder your daily life while putting immense stress on your family. If you or your loved ones suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s actions or negligence, contact Shea & Shea for experienced brain injury lawyers in Santa Rosa.

Role of The Brain Injury Lawyer

Your brain injury lawyer’s role is to navigate you through the complex legal process while providing outstanding representation in court. They gather evidence to support your claims and pursue just financial compensation for your misfortune. Our lawyers always prioritize your needs and stay by your side throughout the case.

Benefits of Having a Brain Injury Lawyer

Shea & Shea’s brain injury lawyer in Santa Rosa provides numerous advantages to you and your family. Below are some prevalent benefits of having a brain injury lawyer.

  • Gather evidence and build a solid case.
  • Pursue the best possible compensation and medical care standards.
  • Support proper diagnosis and treatment for your traumatic brain injury and compensation for the care you need to heal, recover, or live with your brain injury.
  • Get compensation for a lifetime in case of permanent disability.
  • Get justice.

Brain Injury Lawyer Role

Compensation You Could Receive in The Case

Brain injury lawyer case compensation ranges depending on the severity of the injury, circumstances surrounding the case, and more. Our experienced attorneys work diligently to provide exceptional representation and favorable compensation to make the condition more tolerable. We fight for fair compensation for the following.

Medical Bills

Brain injury treatment often carries costly prices that can stress your financial means. Our brain injury lawyers pursue adequate compensation to cover most, if not all, of your medical expenses.

Pain and Suffering

At Shea & Shea, we understand that traumatic brain injuries can adversely affect your physical and mental health. That’s why we strive to provide a favorable outcome that will make up for your pain and suffering.

Loss of Life’s Enjoyment

Severe brain injuries often prevent people from participating in their favorite activities. We pursue just financial compensation that eases the burden your brain injury puts on your life and well-being.

Lost Wages

Brain injuries take time to recover and can leave you out of work for several weeks or longer. Our team fights for your lost wages, allowing you to recover from the injury without sacrificing your income.

Wrongful Death

Severe brain injuries can lead to premature death. We understand nothing will replace your loved ones but continue to strive to provide financial compensation that helps pay for the funeral and your mental suffering.

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