The eyes are a delicate part of the body. When they sustain an injury, it can greatly reduce your quality of life. If you suffered an eye injury in Santa Rosa due to the negligence of another party, you should consider seeking legal counsel from a vision loss lawyer.

The law office of Shea & Shea has extensive experience with injury and accident cases in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Vision Loss Injury

A variety of traumatic events can cause severe eye injury. The eye has many intricate parts that work together to create the sense of sight. Damage to one part of the eye can result in vision loss or even blindness. 

Car accidents are a major cause of eye injury. During a crash, the airbag can cause blunt-force trauma, and broken glass can cause penetrating injuries. 

When you suffer an eye injury due to the negligence of someone else, do not deny a medical examination. The extent of your injuries may not be immediately apparent, and denying a medical evaluation could prevent you from receiving full compensation.

Eye Injury Attorney

Types of Eye Injury

You don’t have to experience total vision loss to seek counsel from vision loss lawyers. Our attorneys represent clients with a variety of eye injuries, including: 

  •  Compromised peripheral vision
  •  Blurred vision
  •  Optic nerve damage
  •  Light sensitivity
  •  Retina damage 

The amount of compensation you should seek depends on the level of medical treatment your injury requires. Some injuries require multiple surgeries followed by months of physical therapy, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical bills.

Some eye injuries may completely heal after a lengthy process, while other eye injuries are permanent, leaving the victim to cope with a diminished quality of life, unemployment, and the inability to enjoy hobbies. That’s why taking your case to an attorney can potentially benefit you greatly.

Vision Loss Attorney

When you partner with vision loss attorneys, they will work with you to pursue a monetary sum to recover lost wages, medical procedures, and accessibility features you require due to your injury. 

If you suffered an eye injury while at work, you could file a workers’ compensation claim. However, you likely shouldn’t do so without first speaking with an eye injury attorney. Eye injuries can result in chronic disability, and your eye injury settlements should reflect that. 

In the event that you suffered an eye injury due to the negligence of another party, you can file a lawsuit for damages. A vision loss attorney can guide you through every step of the legal process to help you pursue compensation.

Vision Loss Lawyers in Santa Rosa 

When battling a personal injury claim, insurance companies may utilize a range of tactics to protect themselves. Our vision loss lawyers will represent you throughout the process and fight for your rights to adequate compensation. 

Shea & Shea in Santa Rosa, CA, can help you navigate your case. Call our office at 408-716-1561 to schedule a consultation with a qualified vision loss lawyer.

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