The term “car accident” is used to describe collisions between vehicles on San Jose’s streets because most such incidents are indeed accidents in which the people that caused them had no intention of causing harm. While that may have little impact on the devastating outcomes that such accidents can produce, it may affect the attitudes of those involved. However, when one acts so recklessly as to show an indifference towards the safety of others, then the decision of whether or not to seek legal action following an accident that such a person causes may be an easy one for accident victims to make.

Such indifference seems to have been on fully display in a fatal car accident that recently occurred in Tulare County. A woman was reportedly driving her SUV the wrong way on Highway 65 when she came across two motorcycles (each carrying both a driver and a passenger). She struck both vehicles, killing all of the occupants. She was also taken to a local hospital for treatment, but was later released. Subsequent testing showed that she was intoxicated at the time of the accident, and she was also reportedly driving with a suspended license. She now faces multiple criminal charges.

One might indeed be justly charged with a crime when they exhibit such carelessness on the road. When that does happen, however, victims of the accidents that they cause may believe that they must wait for criminal proceedings to play out before they can pursue legal action. Yet that is not the case; civil and criminal cases involving the same matter can occur simultaneously. Those needing to seek action in the aftermath of a car accident may want to secure the services of an experienced attorney.

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