One of the worst and often most permanent symptoms following a brain injury involves short- or long-term memory loss. When memory loss occurs, it can be difficult for a victim to complete even the simplest household tasks. Oftentimes, the loss of memory is caused by a force blow to the head or from acquired brain injury such as exposure to a toxic substance.In many cases, memory loss, short or long, is not always apparent immediately after an accident occurs. In fact, it can take weeks or months before you or a family member notices the symptoms of short- or long-term memory loss. For this reason, it is crucial that brain injury victims seek a medical evaluation and legal representation right away. At Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, we can provide you with a free consultation regarding your case. Call (408) 292-2434 today to schedule your appointment.

Certain Symptoms Are More Common Than Others

Individuals who have suffered an
injury to the brain often experience the following symptoms of short-term and long-term memory loss:

  • Difficulty planning or solving problems
  • Difficulty completing home, work or leisurely tasks
  • Confusion with time
  • Confusion with place
  • Difficulty understanding visual images
  • Newly developed problems with speaking or writing
  • Frequently forgetting or misplacing belongings
  • Changes in mood

Individuals experiencing such symptoms or family members of those experiencing such symptoms should seek medical help and legal advocacy right away. Failure to do so can lead to a lifetime of costly medical expenses and other health complications.

We Can Help You In Your Quest To Recover Compensation

Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation is a recognized leader in brain and
catastrophic injury litigation in San Jose and its surrounding areas. For over 40 years, we have been helping injury victims and their families fight for maximum compensation to cover many damages, including medical expenses, doctor visits, physical therapy, lost wages, financial losses and a lifetime of care. In every brain injury and catastrophic injury case, we work with independent professionals who can help us prepare an aggressive case for damages and put a real dollar amount on your loss of memory. We can help you determine whether you have a legitimate claim for damages against a negligent party.

If you or a family member has recently been involved in an accident and are experiencing memory loss, contact our attorneys immediately. We are backed by more than 100 years of legal experience, and we can be reached by phone at (408) 292-2434. You can also arrange for a consultation
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