At Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation, we represent individuals who have suffered severe or disabling brain or spinal injuries in recreational vehicle accidents throughout the western United States. We have the experience and resources to investigate and present complex claims that depend on highly technical evidence as to both liability and damages.An accident involving a boat or recreational vehicle can be painful, and the ensuing medical expenses may be significant. To schedule a free consultation about your legal options, contact one of our San Jose personal injury attorneys at (408) 292-2434.

We Can Navigate Claims That Involve Several Types Of Boats And Vehicles

We emphasize prompt investigation and thorough documentation in all aspects of accident litigation involving boats, personal watercraft and all-terrain vehicles such as:

  • Water ski boats, fishing boats and runabouts
  • Sea-Doos™, Wave Runners™ and Jet Skis™
  • Harbor craft from tugs to tour boats
  • Three-wheelers and four-wheelers
  • Snowmobiles and dirt bikes

In boat collisions, capsizings, fires and falls overboard, the injuries can range from fractures to spinal cord damage to drowning. In land-based recreational vehicle accidents, especially when the machine is operated by a young or inexperienced driver, soft tissue damage or severe head injuries can often result from mistakes or hidden hazards. These accidents can be just as serious as motor vehicle collisions, and as such, they warrant prompt treatment.

We Will Approach Your Case With The Commitment It Deserves

The lawyers at Shea & Shea apply the same general investigation and litigation principles to boat accidents and recreational vehicle collisions that characterize our broader practice on behalf of victims of serious injuries. We go to work immediately in assembling the right team of experts for investigating the issues that bear on your claim, and we prepare your case under the assumption that it will go to trial.

We have found that to realize anything approaching full and fair compensation in any given case, we must apply steady pressure on the defense through trial preparation. While most of our cases settle on favorable terms for our clients, we often achieve our best results only after we have convinced the defendant’s insurer that we will only be too glad to present the case to a jury.

From the earliest stages of your case, we also serve as a resource to help make sure that you are receiving all the treatment and rehabilitative care you need. If you are having trouble getting diagnostic tests, medications or even surgery because of an insurer’s refusal to cover the claim, we can usually resolve the problem.

Our Attorneys Are Ready For Your Call

To learn more about our ability to provide comprehensive client service in a boating or recreational vehicle accident case, call Shea & Shea – A Professional Law Corporation today at (408) 292-2434. You can also schedule your free initial consultation by contacting us in California via email.

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