According to the CDC, subjective cognitive decline affects one in nine American adults. Though memory loss is not always a symptom of SCD (subjective cognitive decline), the CDC reports that 45.3% of adults over 45 with SCD talked about memory loss as a symptom with their healthcare professional. And according to WebMD, common causes of memory loss primarily include brain or head injuries, strokes, or even medicines.

Today, our experienced Santa Clara memory loss attorneys will talk about how certain events can cause memory loss, the most common types of memory loss in adults, and when to seek compensation.


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Causes of Memory Loss Injury

When dealing with memory loss cases, the certified Shea & Shea Santa Clara memory loss lawyers have most frequently noted the following causes:

  • Medical Malpractice: When a medical professional prescribes a patient the wrong medication, performs a medical procedure incorrectly, or is generally negligent in their profession, this is medical malpractice. Such negligent healthcare professionals can prescribe treatments that cause memory loss.
  • Car or Motorcycle Accident: If you or a loved one sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) during a car, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident, it may lead to poor thinking skills and loss of memory. A shock to the brain as strong as a TBI or lack of oxygen can disrupt memory pathways, preventing the normal functionality of the brain.
  • Slip and Fall or Workplace Accidents: Many people sustain TBIs and/or concussions in the workplace due to poor safety standards, the negligence of a property manager, mechanical or manufacturer malfunctions, and more. If you are a victim of workplace negligence, call our Santa Clara memory loss injury attorneys.

Types of Memory Loss Injuries

Common types of memory loss that reduce mental capacity include:

  • Retrograde Amnesia: This type form of memory loss occurs when a victim does not remember anything that happened before their accident. They may forget their loved ones, life, profession, etc. Some victims may eventually recover their memories.
  • Anterograde Amnesia: This form of amnesia happens when the victim cannot form new memories after their accident because of brain trauma.
  • Short-Term Memory Loss: Normally, short-term memory loss only affects victims for a few days after sustaining a TBI.

Compensation for Memory Loss

When memory loss occurs due to negligence or at the fault of someone else, victims and families should seek out help from legal professionals. Furthermore, appointing a trustworthy representative with durable power of attorney is a method that can empower incapacitated victims to seek justice and streamline the process of paperwork.

Our Santa Clara memory loss attorneys fight tirelessly for the justice of our clients. Our lawyers know the nuances of the law and can advocate for you or your loved one throughout this difficult process. Common effects of an accident that may lead to compensation include pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, etc.

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