Did you know that unrestrained items can be extremely hazardous when driving? That’s right. In some situations, a person will perform a maneuver that causes smaller objects, like water bottles, to fall under the clutch, gas, and brake pedals. This can be extremely dangerous to the driver and other persons sharing the road. In addition, this can distract the driver if they take their focus off of the road to remove the object.

Research shows that well over 13,000 injuries occurred over the course of one year due to unrestrained objects in operating vehicles. To examine the effects of unrestrained items, a few organizations started performing crash tests to determine the general effects of unrestrained items in cars. The results were shocking. Below are some findings from these tests.

  • Small items can become deadly during vehicle collisions.
  • An ice-chest, located in the rear storage area of the car has the potential to fly forward and crush the rear passenger to death.
  • A much smaller object, like a suitcase, can sever the passenger’s arm.

Additionally, unrestrained objects can tumble under a driver’s control pedals. This can inhibit the driver from pressing the brakes in necessary situations. Some studies also proved that poorly designed or worn floor mats can slip forward and get trapped under the pedals. To help you prevent an accident caused by unrestrained items, we have listed a few helpful tips:

  • Make sure that no items are on your dashboard before driving.
  • Check that all containers fit in cup holders properly, and will not tip over when you turn.
  • Ensure that the floor mats are not and will not become trapped under the pedals.
  • If you are transporting luggage, ensure that these items are fastened down with straps.

Shea & Shea Cares About Your Safety

The San Jose car accident lawyers at Shea & Shea care about the safety of you and your family. To make sure you and your loved ones travel from place to place safely, take a moment to inspect the inside of your vehicle before getting behind the wheel. A few extra minutes may save you and your loved ones from avoidable dangers.

We are dedicated to keeping our clients safe!

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