Any injury has the potential to disrupt life and health, but brain injuries, and especially traumatic brain injuries, are unique in the level of trauma they can inflict on a person.

Who you are — your personality, temperament, what you like and don’t like — is held in the brain. An injury there can drastically alter your personality, remove you from your career, and bury you under a mountain of medical debt.

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If you have been inflicted with a brain injury due to the negligence of another person, then you deserve to be cared for, medically and financially, on your road to recovery. And the San Diego brain injury lawyers at Shea & Shea are here to help you succeed at getting the help you need.

Our skilled brain injury attorneys can help victims of brain injuries overcome the legal and financial challenges that victims often face. If you or a loved one has recently sustained a traumatic brain injury and you are in need of a seasoned brain injury lawyer in San Diego, contact Shea & Shea today.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries That San Diego Residents Suffer From

Individuals of any age, from all walks of life and any profession, can become victims of brain injuries. While some occupations or recreational hobbies may place you at a greater likelihood of sustaining a TBI, it’s important to remember that virtually every San Diego resident is at risk of suffering a brain injury.

Here are some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries that our San Diego attorneys see.

  • Vehicle collisions (car or motorcycle)
  • Trauma to the head
  • Slip and fall injuries (very commonly occurring in the shower among adults)
  • Severe whiplash
  • Cycling or pedestrian accidents
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals and neurotoxins
  • Anoxia
  • Explosions
  • Construction accidents
  • Longshoremen accidents
  • Defective equipment or machinery
  • Falling objects striking an individual

There are many other causes of traumatic brain injuries and even the safest seeming activity can result in a brain injury. If you have been involved in an accident that is not on this list but still suspect that you’ve received a brain injury, you should still seek out professional medical and legal services.

Common Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you suspect that you or someone you know has sustained a traumatic brain injury, here are some of the most common TBI symptoms to be on the lookout for.

Bear in mind that victims may display several of these symptoms and that TBI symptoms may not show up for some time following an accident (there have been instances of brain injury victims not showing symptoms for days or even weeks following their accident).

  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Balance and coordination issues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Ringing in the ears and sensitivity to sound
  • Memory loss and disorientation
  • Slurred speech and other intoxicated-like symptoms
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Mood swings and disturbances in normal behavioral patterns
  • Anxiety, depression, paranoia, restlessness
  • Altered vision (tunnel vision, fuzzy vision, etc.)
  • Unconsciousness for several seconds or minutes

Symptoms such as the ones listed are very serious and should be addressed immediately. Neglecting to seek out medical help or care for a brain injury could have fatal results. If you have recently been involved in an accident that you suspect has resulted in a brain injury but you aren’t showing symptoms, ask friends, family, or roommates to monitor your behavior and be on the lookout for these symptoms.

What Should Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries Do?

Victims of brain injury need to take action to protect themselves, physically as well as financially and legally. An unfortunate reality of living in San Diego is that often the cost of legal representation and medical care deter victims from seeking adequate care for their condition.

You should never be forced to put your health and very life on the line due to the high cost of medical care. As a victim of a brain injury, you shouldn’t be made to pay for medical costs that would never have been there if it hadn’t been for the willful or neglectful actions of another. Here are some practical steps for what you should do as a victim of brain injury in order to protect yourself, legally and financially.

  1. Get the help your condition requires: this is the first and most important thing to do following an injury. Make an appointment with a medical professional and follow their instructions for therapy or any other care your doctor thinks you are in need of. Not only will medical care ensure that you have not suffered a critical injury, medical records also serve as evidence in brain injury claims.
  2. Consult a San Diego brain injury attorney: this will increase your chances of getting financial compensation from the person or company who caused your injury. Here at Shea & Shea, we are passionate about representing brain injury victims in San Diego and making sure that they get the legal services necessary to build a strong brain injury claim. We know that the average person doesn’t have the finances for expensive brain injury treatments and don’t think that as a victim you should be held responsible for paying for an injury that you weren’t responsible for. Contact Shea & Shea in San Diego to schedule your first consultation today.
  3.  Follow doctor’s orders: take leave from work, attend therapy, and avoid stress. Do whatever your doctor has advised as that will lead to the fastest recovery possible. While facing medical expenses and legal matters, it’s essential to still prioritize your health above all else.

If you are especially concerned with protecting your financial and legal health, contact Shea & Shea today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned brain injury attorney in San Diego.

Consult a San Diego Brain Injury Attorney

At Shea & Shea, our brain injury lawyers are passionate about justice for victims of TBIs. Our firm has been serving San Diego residents for more than 50 years and we want to use our expertise in brain injury law to bring stability and justice to your life following your accident.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced San Diego brain injury attorney.


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